A child learns through play, through interacting with other people and his environment. Many factors during a child’s development – before or after birth can affect normal trajectory of development (or the way a child develops). If their attempts to interact functionally within their environment is compromised — either by poor posture, poor motor coordination, poor language skills, sensory integration differences, decreased attention span, behavioural issues, etc. — then their ability to acquire skills and learn from their interactions and explorations may also be compromised.

Developmental therapy is a discipline that specifically looks at HOW a child is developing during the most significant period of development — birth through 5 years. Starting in the early years, the holistic approach to child development includes a balance between the home, the environment of the growing child.

Developmental therapists assess a child's global development and identify specific areas of needs and strengths. They will then develop play activities designed to help a child overcome their challenges and improve the quality of their interactions in order to help them gain confidence in their own ability to learn and to acquire typical skills.

At the development therapy unit, the therapist assess a child’s development from birth to 6 years in all areas of development using standardized tools. We design specific therapies for each child and give instructions for hometraining to parents and caretakers. In addition, we also provide training on pre academic skills for children between the age group of 3 to 6 years.



Developmental Therapist

A Developmental Therapist with an experience of 12 years in various hospitals within and outside Kerala. Her areas of interest is Early Intervention for NICU graduates and ASD. Background in effectively dealing with all areas of early Child Care Development and education including high risk newborn follow up, early detection of developmental delay, early stimulation therapy and rehabilitation for childhood disability.

  • M H Sc Clinical Child Development (CDC, Kerala under Kerala University)
  • PG Diploma in Clinical Child Development (CDC, Kerala under DME Kerala)
  • PG Diploma in International Montessori Teachers Training Education
  • NIPMR, Trissur since 2018
  • Aster MIMS, Calicut for 1 year
  • SRIHER, Chennai for 6 years
  • CDC Kerala for 2 years
  • Certifies in application of various developmental scales.
  • Research assistant in various projects related to childhood disability.
  • Participated in various community based intervention programs conducted by State government.

Proficient in English, Malayalam, Tamil & Hindi



Developmental Therapist

A Developmental Therapist with 1 year experience in NIPMR.

She could do the lactation counselling for mothers, early stimulation for infants and toddlers and developmental therapy for children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders. Efficiently managing Autism group therapy and autism intervention.

Trained for the various developmental screening and diagnosis tools. Attended the workshop conducted by TEACHH.

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Child Development
  • BSc. Chemistry
  • Worked as trainee in Child Development Centre for 1 month.
  • Worked as Developmental Therapist in NIPMR for 1 year.

Proficient in English, Hindi, Malayalam