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Special school for children with autism functions as two batches with a total strength of 34 children.

Training school for autism is divided into 4 classrooms (Pre- Primary, Primary, Secondary , Pre- Vocational) categorised based on the academic performance and developmental ability  of the students. Students aged between 3-18 years is given training in school sessions.

An exclusive vocational training unit in  dyeing and printing and horticulture is available for training students above 18 years of age to make them self-sufficient and productive. Also vocational training is giving for students to make customized  handmade items like paper pens , flower baskets and bouquets.


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Each classroom is equipped with comfortable furniture and modern amenities like ICT (Information and communicative technology) in education to support, enhance & optimise the delivery of information which research based shows much improved students outcomes.

The school has special educators specialised in the field of autism and ayahs to take care the needs of students during the class hours. The timing of training sessions are from 09.00 am to 02.00 pm for the 1st batch and 11.00am to 04.00 pm for the 2nd batch.

The training mainly focuses on child-centered approach model of education and teaching daily life skills for children with autism. Apart from the classroom education the students get Music/Dance Therapy, behaviour modification therapy, speech Therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy as per the needs of each student after a thorough assessment. The students are trained in group and individual sessions in the school. The training school fosters resilience and independence, enabling students to be engaged participants in community life.