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Special Transition School is a special school run by NIPMR for children with disabilities under the Department of Social Justice.

The school has about 28 children and 4 teachers. In addition, the school mandates the participation of one of the parents of the child. This is a great help for the psychological and intellectual development of children. Parents come to school to have a good rapport with teachers and thereby contribute to the upliftment of all children. 


Depending on the child's abilities and age, The classes are divided pre-primary, primary, secondary and pre-vocation. Each and every classroom has a modern style like  interactive touch screens, tablets, modified wheelchairs for each children, powered wheelchairs for specific children, modified kids chairs and tables are the specialty of the classroom. 


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Other services provided to children from school

* Other Therapies in NIPMR.

* Consultation of Doctors at NIPMR

* Vehicle access to school

* Dietitian's Nutritional Check-up

* Horticulture therapy for children

In addition to this there are many classes for parents who come to school and also provide them with self-sufficiency training.

Also we celebrate all festivals and other special days like Children’s day, environmental day, world cerebral palsy week, Disability Day, Anniversary, etc.. On these days, we conduct student’s sports and cultural programs.

We have a good sensory Garden And EPDM flooring park for children’s to effective playing.


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School Procedure

- School time: 10am to 3 pm. Monday to Friday

- Students age: 4 to 17 years.


Admission Procedure

- Paediatrician And Physiatrist Consultation in NIPMR

- One week observation

- Take case history

- Take Assessment

- Goal setting for 3 months

- Evaluation

- We give more emphasis to Cerebral Palsy affected 


Contact Person

Anu Augustine (Special Educator)

HOD of Special Transition School

NIPMR, Kallettumkara

Mob: 9539620438


Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.