P & O Assistive Technology

A fully equipped P&O department is working in NIPMR with an in-house P&O technician and a team of Prosthetist-Orthotists and technicians from the outsourced agency. The state of the art workshop regularly caters to people attending NIPMR, providing clinically appropriate Prostheses and orthoses at reasonable rates, lesser than that available outside. The department functions under the guidance and supervision of our Physiatrist Dr.Sindhu Vijayakumar who prescribes the device initially. Further modification are sometimes done during the team meetings with inputs from both the patients and their families and the Prosthetist-Orthotist. Individaul measurements are taken by the prosthetist-orthotist and products are mostly made in the short span of less than one week. Every product made is first trial fitted to assess the feasibility, usability, comfort, fit, biomechanics, observational gait analysis, etc. and is finalized for production in the check-out clinics held routinely, once a week by the multi-disciplinary team.

Arun Orthotic and Prosthetic Technician

Mr. Arun, a RCI registered Orthotic and Prosthetic technician has 8 years of working experience. He is highly motivated and dedicated person involved in design and manufacturing of custom-made mobility aid and devices to meet the specification determined by Prosthetist and Orthotist.