Institutional Ethics Committee


National Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (NIPMR), Kalletumkara has set up the NIPMR-IEC to ensure the protection of the rights and welfare of human participants in biomedical, experimental and behavioral research conducted at NIPMR. The IEC is registered with National Ethics Committee Registry for Biomedical and Health Research (NECRBHR), Department of Health Research (DHR).

I. Purpose of the NIPMR-IEC:

To review proposed studies with human participants, to ensure that they conform to internationally and nationally accepted ethical guidelines, monitor studies once they have begun and, where relevant, take part in follow-up action and surveillance after the end of the research.

II. Scope of the NIPMR-IEC
  • To advise and recommend on ethical matters arising in relation to research involving human participants.
  • To ensure research is designed and conducted in accordance with the ICMR and CDSCO rules and regulations for the responsible conduct of research and the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research.
  • To consider the ethical implications of all research proposals received by the Committee approve, request amendment of, or reject a research proposal on ethical grounds.
  • To monitor and audit approved research to verify that the conduct of research conforms to the proposal that is approved by the Committee.
  • To adopt measures to identify and manage any real, potential and/or perceived conflicts of interest of NIPMR-IEC members and or researchers.
  • To handle any complaints about research or the conduct of research on humans.
III. Types of projects that will be reviewed by the NIPMR-IEC
  • The committee shall review all studies carried out by NIPMR staff and students and ensure that they are in accordance with New Drugs and Clinical trials rules 2019 and ICMR National Ethical Guidelines
  • It is expected that an independent scientific review/peer review of the research project is conducted prior to submission to the NIPMR-IEC by the NIPMR- Institutional Review Board (NIPMR-IRB).
  • For multicentric biomedical and health research, all participating sites may agree upon mutually to utilize the services of one common Ethics Committee (EC) from a participating site identified as designated main EC for the purpose of primary review. This EC should be located in India and registered with the relevant authority. However, the local site requirements, such as informed consent process, research implementation and its monitoring, etc. may be performed by NIPMR-IEC.